Services within corporate organizations

  • Identification and evaluation of company employees’ competencies.

The main objective of the project is to improve the performance of staff and to write individual development plans. Project Stages: Observation, Interview, Survey, Case Study, Practice Practice.

  • Creation and enhancement of corporate culture.

Evaluation of existing institutional situation. Informing employees about the company’s vision, mission and values. Holding workshops, propagating and applying corporate culture. Stages: audit, preparation of materials, training.

  • Evaluating the individual psychological aspects of the employees

Interview with individual staff, assessment of psychological abilities and testing.

  • Assess management skills.

Individual interview with leaders, interviews, coalching sessions and exercises if needed.

  • Examination of the psychological status of all employees of the bank’s cash department.

During personal meetings, it is advisable to evaluate the psychological status of employees of the collection department, to investigate risks, to prepare for psychology in fors-major situations, to develop personal values ​​and beliefs, stress management, and other skills required for this type of work, as well as recommend compliance with these types of work. making

  • Identifying Sales Skills.

Evaluating the psychological competence of salespeople employees, investigating leadership skills, and checking communication skills.

  • Evaluation of his psychological status and competence while taking the employee to work.

Specifically, if the employee will be assigned a senior position.

  • Interview preparation.

Help to deliver the skills and past experiences in the right, STAR and SMART format.

  • Team building.

Increasing team spirit and motivation.