“Great opportunity for home study”
Javid Hajizada, Quality Control Lead Specialist - SOCAR AQS
“Great! I liked that experience!”
Elnara M., Business analyst | SOCAR AQS | Digital Transformation | European AI Alliance | Startups & Techpreneuship

“It is your social responsibility and inputs in communities development ”

Murad Ismaylov

“Very interesting session. We were able to structure our knowledge and internal feelings about stress. Also we got instructions and instruments on how to increase stress resistance. Thank you! ”

Rena Hajiyeva

“Watched the program. I think everyone can benefit from your words. You have given such useful advice. Thank you!” (about my participation in “Çöldə yaşam Öyüdləri” program)

Hayat Mammadova, “Amal Studio” employee

“Halima khanum, thank you for this training. I was aware of Agile technology implementation before, but I didn’t know that Agile Mindset was critical. It is important. No matter how much we want to be agile, we first must master the way we think. It is very important that you did training on this topic, and I think that all companies that want to be Agile must first start with the agile mindset and only then learn about Agile techniques, so thank you for this training.”

Edgar Abdullayev, Azerconnect Call Center Director

“Today, I learned a lot at the training. It was very interesting and informative. Thank you very much!” (after the training “Work & Life balance”)

Fidan Salikhova, KPMG

“Halima, thank you very much for the two great days. All the participants of your new training were delighted. You’ve done a very good job. I wish you lots of success.” (about my Agile Mindset training)

Chimnaz Gasimova

“Agile Mindset training explains us approach that we should choose and use. We need to develop, be open to innovations, be independent, make decisions independently, always be positive. Thank you for today.” (about Agile Mindset training, that I held for Azercell employees)

Aghayeva Z. A., Azercell

“Special thanks for such an interesting presentation and participation!” (about my speech at 18th International Eurasian Surgical Congress)

Dilgam Maharramov, leading expert on aesthetic reconstructive plastic surgery

“Watched the video with your participation. I really enjoyed your performance. Your speech is very interesting and there was a feeling that I was somewhere near you, you spoke very naturally and emotionally.” (about my participation in “Çöldə yaşam Öyüdləri” program)

Narmin Amiraslanova

“Watch the program that you shared. I liked the atmosphere, all the right and smart things that you said. Thank you!” (about my participation in “Çöldə yaşam Öyüdləri” program)

Rashid Ahmadov

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