Advanced Leadership Skills

Training proposal by Halima Gamarlinskaya for Women for Development of Municipalities

This interactive training program is designed to give an opportunity for participants to learn the main principles of leadership skills. The trainer’s presentation of the course material is a combination of a slide pack with an interactive discussion. Each topic is further illustrated by a relevant exercise or case study. Audience comprehension is then tested via in-class exercises, tests, or games followed by an interactive discussion.

Course Objectives

  • The participant makes self-analysis and obtains self-assessment skills
  • The participant practices to elaborate her personal development plan
  • Learn practical strategies to help to respond more skillfully as pressure, tension and complexity increase
  • Identify patterns, triggers and emotional habits that either drive or derail participant’s performance

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ);
  • Leaders’ targets and targets and responsibilities;
  • Development of psychological competencies;
  • Motivation tools;