Love to client

This Training Programme is for any professional from any department as Customer Service entails both internal, within and between departments as well as directly with external customers. This will in turn contribute significantly to the company’s image or bottom line as well as make the culture and work environment a livelier, more productive and a happier place to work in.


  • Managers
  • Sales & Marketing teams
  • Customer Service teams
  • Telemarketers
  • Captains
  • Front Liners
  • Department Heads and Supervisors
  • Teachers or Head Teachers
  • Any professional or working adult looking to enhance their service and skills
  • Small-medium business owners and staff


Module 1 – Customer Service = Happiness 

  • What is love to client?
  • What is W.O.W Customer Service?
  • My Purpose = My Drive
  • Customer Behaviours
  • Personal Benefits For Me

Module 2 

  • Let’s get culturally diverse
  • Put on the global customer mind
  • Generational differences
  • Reflection

Module 3 

  • Customer Empathy
  • Principles of great service
  • Developing simple, workable systems
  • Conducting customer needs analysis

Module 4

  • NPS- Loyalty
  • Speaking & Writing
  • Listening & Body Language

Module 5

  • Understanding Myself
  • Understanding Humans
  • Handling Difficult Customers

Module 6

  • What WOW Culture?
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Individual & Group Presentations
  • Awards & Recognitions
  • Conclusions and feedback


  • Increase one’s happiness and sense of fulfillment at work
  • Enjoy the process of serving both internal & external customers
  • Modify one’s attitude to be more positive and productive
  • Better understand customers
  • Identifying outstanding WOW customer service techniques to add more value to the company
  • Be known to have excellent in-person and phone customer service
  • Learn techniques to enjoy dealing with difficult customers
  • Enjoy increments, bonuses or incentives with increased customers and/or revenue