At this training, employees are explained the possibility of selecting the necessary resources, overcoming the barriers that have arisen, and ways to achieve goals. The formula of super motivation is explained. Ability to choose and prioritize. Resolving internal conflicts that interfere with the achievement of goals.

  • A short introduction, which shows that the motive of achievement can in no way prevent a person from striving for an ideal, compliance with spiritual values
  • Determining the alignment of values ​​among participants (Rokich test). Each participant takes turns talking about his five most important values ​​and likewise correlates them with the motive for achievement.
  • Practical use of knowledge by participants gained during training in real training situations
  • Each participant is given 10 minutes; during this time, he must come up with some kind of goal that can be achieved “here and now”, discloses this goal and tries to realize it
  • Collective analysis of what happened in four categories of achievement motivation is held: independent goal setting, desire to achieve this goal, lack of desire to be liked, and preference for tasks that are medium in difficulty.
  • Pyramid of life
  • Pyramid of logical living standards
  • How super motivation works
  • TOTE
  • Reframing
  • Differences in “negative” and “positive” motivation.
  • “A pie of life”

Conclusion: Summing up the identification of the main driving forces of employee motivation and their influence on their placement of development strategies

The duration of the trainings is 8 hours, including 2 coffee breaks of 15 minutes each and one lunch break – 1 hour.

The number of participants – 15.